#WhyRJCares Another grant to another worthy organization.

October 11, 2019

The Raymond James Advisory Grant program is a commitment to our advisors and associates to put money toward causes that mean the most to them.

Rick Hopkins recently presented Calgary-based Mustard Seed Foundation with a $3000 cheque that will go toward providing meals and other programs for those experiencing poverty and homelessness. Rick says, “I began to volunteer to try and get my younger daughter involved. I have so enjoyed the experience that I am now a regular volunteer every Thursday for 5 hours. This opportunity came available last week and I had done this with RJ Downtown over a few Christmases. They were always after Christmas so when I saw this opportunity to sponsor before Christmas I jumped at it.

Thank you Rick for your compassion, dedication and charitable spirit. It is advisors like Rick who help make the world a bit brighter.