Giving is a family affair for Calgary Financial Advisor

May 6, 2020

Giving back is a family affair for Tom Plunkett, Financial Advisor with the Calgary corporate branch. Most recently, Tom’s family came together to make chicken soup for a group of kids in need.

“We had fun doing it. The family has helped out this group of kids previously. The help we do is always social and always fun. It’s becoming a normal activity. I hope that this behavior will become an attitude and a life-long habit for my kids,” says Tom.

Where does his outward focused attitude come from? A few years ago, Tom began the practice of speaking to his clients about the nature of happiness, and the role that money and financial planning plays.

“What started out as just part of my job description turned into a very deliberate way of living. I give back because it makes me happy to be engaged with the people in my community and making an impact.”

When asked about the benefits of teaching his children about how to give, Tom stated that a couple of years ago he introduced them to the various “sectors” of charitable giving. Together, they found common interests in their local community in social services and in the arts.

“That’s where we focus our efforts now. We are all feeling more connected to our neighbours and our city as a result.”

Additionally, Tom is a recent recipient of an Advisory Committee Grant in support of the Elbow Park Residents Association. These funds will be used to purchase a new hose for the local outdoor ice rink, ensuring the surface stays smooth for years to come.

The Raymond James Canada Foundation is proud to nurture the spirit of volunteer-ism among Raymond James advisors and associates, while supporting the causes and organizations that mean the most to them through Workplace Giving programs. RJ Cares 2020 will continue to focus on local communities, providing much-needed financial support, while encouraging the Raymond James family to give their time and energy to direct-service providers in a safe and healthy way.