South Asia COVID-19 Response: $66,000 Raised!

June 18, 2021

RJCF Disaster Relief Campaign

At Raymond James Ltd., we have a long history of responding to disaster, both in our own backyards and beyond our borders. Wherever crisis strikes, we are motivated to help.

In reaction to the growing COVID-19 crisis across South Asia, the Raymond James Canada Foundation launched an internal donation-matching campaign to maximize our collective impact.

Through the generosity of our colleagues and RJCF matching dollars, we have raised an incredible $66,000!  The funds will support the Canadian Red Cross and CARE Canada as they provide COVID-19 relief across the region.

COVID-19 is a truly global crisis, and it has affected many of us on a personal level. “We all know how devastating this pandemic has been for people around the world,” shares Nasir Khattak, Vice President, Project Management Office, Raymond James.

“I have lost some of my friends due to this virus, but it was not until I suffered through COVID myself and saw the affects firsthand in Pakistan that I realized the multi-dimensional impact it has on people.” Nasir’s experience showed him the impact that our donation will make: “any help we extend will go a long way, and it can save a person or a whole family from devastation.”

The Raymond James Canada Foundation is proud to facilitate the extraordinary generosity of our colleagues. It is a defining feature of Raymond James that we consistently reach out to those in need, both at home and across the globe. Thank you to all our Raymond James Ltd advisors and associates who supported the 2021 South Asia Covid-19 Response campaign. We are stronger together, and your compassion for others shows that #RJCares.

Our Impact

CARE Canada

“On behalf of all of us at CARE Canada, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the employees of Raymond James for your compassionate and generous support of CARE’s response to the deadly second wave of COVID-19 across South Asia.

Your generosity will help families access emergency health care services and supplies, including hospital beds, medical oxygen, lifesaving medicine, and provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to frontline health workers.

CARE has been operating in the region for 70 years and is well-positioned to deliver an agile response to this crisis. Together with our local partners and alignment with government strategy, CARE has set up temporary COVID-19 hospitals, and launched a COVID-19 vaccination drive that includes training to help combat vaccine stigma and misinformation.  We also continue to address the immediate needs of migrants and the most vulnerable communities. 

 Thank you for your compassionate action to support emergency health care in South Asia. Your support will help local front-line health care workers save lives.” — Barbara Grantham, President and CEO of CARE Canada

Canadian Red Cross

“Across South Asia, Red Cross staff and volunteers are working tirelessly to meet the evolving needs of the pandemic, but with hospitals over capacity and supplies quickly dwindling, the need for assistance is both vast and immediate.

Thanks to Raymond James, those needs can now be met. Your support will help provide ambulance services, first aid, and food to those in need. It will ensure that life-saving supplies will get where they are needed most.

As the COVID-19 situation in South Asia continues to evolve, we will face new challenges, but thanks to the selfless contribution from the people of Raymond James Ltd, we can face those challenges head-on.

Thank you for sharing your strength. Thank you for mobilizing your community to give back. Thank you for standing up for others when they needed help.” — Dean Yano, Manager Corporate Partnerships, Canadian Red Cross

Thank you for your generosity!