RJCF Alberta Fires Appeal Results: $102,000 Impact!

June 14, 2023

Throughout May, devastating wildfires in Alberta forced 38,000 Albertans from their homes and destroyed over 1.1 million hectares of land. In response, the Raymond James Canada Foundation launched an internal donation-matching campaign to maximize our collective impact. 

Together, we raised $34,000 in support of the Canadian Red Cross! With the additional match from the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta, $1 donated will provide $6 of aid to those in need, resulting in a total impact of $102,000!

“The out of control wildfires of Northern Alberta have affected the communities we serve,” shares Tage Cawley, Senior Branch Manager, Edmonton IAS.  “Thankfully the Provincial State of Emergency has now been lifted and most affected residents are back in their homes. Many of them are clients of Raymond James, and we continue to do our best to provide much-needed comfort and advice. Our donations will go a long way to support the families affected.”

Thank you to all of our Raymond James Ltd. advisors and associates for your participation in the 2023 Alberta Fires Appeal. We are stronger together, and your compassion for others shows that #RJCares.


“The Canadian Red Cross has sent thousands of relief supplies such as cots, blankets, pillows, and hygiene kits to locations throughout the impacted regions. We have assisted people evacuated from Drayton Valley, Brazeau County and the area with accommodation support in Edmonton.

Thankfully, the evacuation order was partially lifted for Drayton Valley and Brazeau County, allowing some people to return home. The Canadian Red Cross is supporting the re-entry of people into communities affected by the fires, such as providing after-the-fire kits, clean-up kits, information, and emotional support.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, such as Raymond James, and with the support of the Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada through the donation match, the Canadian Red Cross is launching the Immediate Support to Not-for-Profit Organizations program to help provide urgent support to those affected by wildfires across Alberta. This program will give eligible community organizations $5,000 in one-time emergency funding. This funding will provide urgent, flexible relief funding to organizations in recognition of the increased demand for services due to the wildfires. Thank you, Raymond James Ltd.