RJ 5K 4 Kids Challenge: “Come and Get the Wand!”

May 21, 2021

This May, the Raymond James Canada Foundation launched the first annual RJ 5K 4 Kids. Our Raymond James Ltd colleagues nationwide have been completing 5K any way in support of Drug Free Kids Canada.

By walking, paddling, cycling, and dancing we have already raised over $120,000! In addition, RJCF has committed $250 per Raymond James Ltd advisor or associate who signs up, and this match brings the total up to over $210,000 so far.

The RJ 5K 4 Kids has given us to opportunity to collaborate, connect, and of course, compete. When the campaign closes on June 10th, the top fundraiser will gain more than just bragging rights. The winner will be handed a unique and surprising baton – a fairy wand.

“35k ride in the books. 2 degrees this morning. To All challengers: Come and get the wand!” – Paul Allison

“Like Thor’s hammer, Yoda’s glimmer stick, or King Arthur’s sword, the Pill Fairy’s wand is the perfect symbol of strength and courage” says Paul Allison, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Raymond James Ltd, and Chairman of Drug Free Kids Canada.

Inspired by Drug Free Kids Canada’s Pill Fairy, Paul has been carrying the original wand on his 5k runs, walks, and cycles, to raise awareness for the cause. The top fundraiser at the end of the campaign will be given the honour of holding the wand for the coming year, before passing it on to 2022’s RJ 5K 4 Kids champion.

DFK’s The Pill Fairy campaign reminds us to return our unused or expired prescription and over-the-counter medications to the pharmacy for safe disposal. Did you know that one in ten Ontario high school students report using prescription painkillers not prescribed to them? Knowing how to safely store and return medication helps protect our kids, our communities, and the environment.

“There is a crisis and we need to do what we can to help children safely navigate our society, a society that has access to drugs.” says Paul Allison.  “As parents we teach our children how to be safe in the world:  to look both ways before crossing the street, how to swim. If we teach children they in turn will make smart choices. Drug free kids Canada is committed to this cause. That’s why I participate.”

Drug Free Kids Canada educates, engages and empowers parents to prevent and reduce the harms of substance use on youth. Their resources help encourage young people to make choices that have a positive impact on their mental and physical wellness.


Click here to Donate to the 2021 RJ 5K 4 Kids in support of Drug Free Kids Canada! 
We are very grateful for your commitment to the mental wellness of Canadian families. Thank you!