Portfolio Manager takes on a new kind of practice

October 2, 2020

On Saturday September 26th, Portfolio Manager Mitchell Rosenberg, his wife and daughter Talia participated in Pose for Hope, a virtual Zoom yoga session in support of the Douglas Institute Eating Disorders Continuum (EDC).

Mitchell’s family has just about reached his goal of $15,000 and they are still raising funds through a raffle. There are currently only six inpatient beds to cover all of Quebec, which according to Mitchell is well below what is needed to provide adequate care. Many patients are waiting 2 years or longer to get into the Eating Disorder clinical program.

Congratulations to Mitchell, Donna and daughter Talia Rosenberg on a tremendous fundraising effort!

Talia Rosenberg in triangle pose.

Donna, Mitch and Talia Rosenberg in Warrior One pose.