Inspired to Give: $1.35 million raised through the 2020 Annual Giving Campaign

December 22, 2020

The Raymond James Canada Foundation is thrilled to announce the record-breaking results of our 2020 Annual Giving Campaign – together we have raised $1.35 million dollars!

Thank you to our Raymond James Ltd colleagues for their exceptional generosity. The Raymond James Canada Foundation is proud to match your donations to over 550 charities across the country. As a firm, we believe in investing in what matters most, this year more than ever.

“Gratitude, hope, and compassion are among the many things that motivate us to give,” shares Janine Davies, VP and Executive Director, Raymond James Canada Foundation. “Collectively, we have transformed our inspiration into action and will make a tangible impact on our communities.”

What motivates you to give? RJ colleagues share one word to describe their inspiration

Across the globe and at our doorsteps, 2020 has been a year of unprecedented need. “I am proud to say that our Raymond James colleagues have responded with unprecedented generosity,” says Paul Allison, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Raymond James Ltd. In 2020, we saw a 10% increase in AGC participation over last year, and an incredible 18% increase in employee donations.

At Raymond James, we share a collective desire to help improve the lives of others. Giving is also tremendously personal, which is why we allow our RJ advisors and associates to choose the charities that matter most to them and their communities.

We asked our colleagues to share, in just one word, what motivates them to give. Many cited community, need, and a desire to help. Others were inspired by hunger, inequality, and privilege. Some focused on their family, responsibility, and gratitude. One respondent distilled all these reasons down into one number that now speaks volumes, saying simply “2020.”

Many of our colleagues shared how they have been moved by the events of 2020:

  •  “Knowing I have a secure job while so many around me are losing theirs or losing hours and struggling to make ends meet is a sobering and humbling thought”
  • “I feel compelled to rise to the demand of the many urgent needs we are seeing in society at this time of crisis”
  • “I have tried to give more this year, as I know many people are struggling with food insecurity and mental health issues”
  •  “Realizing that those who are less fortunate were impacted the greatest by the pandemic is heart breaking”
  • “Even though the Covid crisis is challenging for everyone, there is a sizable population of vulnerable people that are hit especially hard and need help now more than ever”

The Covid19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on individuals and families. It has also put tremendous pressure on Canada’s charities. For many front line organizations, the demand has increased while revenues and volunteer support have decreased. We are proud to support their essential efforts on a local and national level through the Annual Giving Campaign.

“The Annual Giving Campaign is a key way that we demonstrate the generosity and leadership that Raymond James is known for,” says Paul Allison. “Since its launch in 2013, we have distributed over $7.5 million! We are honoured to support the causes that are meaningful to our advisors and associates, year after year.”

Thank you!