Leveraging Social Media for Good

September 14, 2020

The philanthropic spirit runs deep at Raymond James, and our Advisors continue to look for ways to give back to their local communities in a variety of ways including through the power of social media.

Near the beginning of the COVID-19 Christina (Tina) Chow, Portfolio Manager with Eighth Avenue Private Wealth Management in Calgary, had the idea to create a fun and engaging Facebook group for Costco lovers in Calgary called YYC Costco Lovers.

Recently, local radio station AMP put out a call to the community to support Katie and Ed’s Baby Bags initiative in support of the Calgary Food Bank. In response, Tina looked for a way to leverage YYC Costco Lovers large fan base to support this initiative, calling it YYCCL Cares. A popular Costco item that has since sold out, the Gourmia Air Fryer went up for auction with proceeds going to the Calgary Food Bank. Other local vendors threw in a variety of products and services to boost bids which landed at $500! In Addition, Tina’s friend Johnny will match the $500, RJCF will donate $1000 for RJ Cares and match Tina’s committed Annual Giving Campaign 2020 donation of $1500 with another $1500, for a total of $5000 for the Calgary Food Bank. The food bank is able to leverage their donations such that $1 donated will purchase $5 worth of food, creating a $25,000 impact!

Tina says, “Now more than ever, our community needs us. If we can come together to help each other, even over social media, I believe we can make a difference.” When asked about the continuation of YYCCL Cares, she has hope that it will continue because the members of the group exemplify the spirit of sharing.

Tina Chow, sister Catherine Chow and friend Dalong

Click below to listen as Tina Chow speaks to AMP Radio live team about her initiative!

Tina Chow speaking to AMP Radio live about her initiative.