BC Fires Appeal: $125,000 Impact!

August 20, 2021

This year’s ongoing wildfire crisis has resulted in mass evacuations and widespread destruction across British Columbia. Individuals, families, and entire communities have had their lives turned upside down, and they rely on the Canadian Red Cross for support.

In July, the Raymond James Canada Foundation responded by launching an internal donation-matching campaign. By joining our efforts, we multiply the impact of our donations exponentially.

Our Raymond James Ltd colleagues generously donated $25,000, which was matched by RJCF for a total gift of $50,000. Thanks to the matching commitments of the Government of Canada and the Government of British Columbia*, our total impact on the Canadian Red Cross equals $125,000!

While the smoke has cleared over some areas of the province, thousands of people remain under evacuation orders and the state of emergency has been extended to the end of August. Our collective contribution to the Canadian Red Cross will be used for immediate and ongoing relief efforts, long-term recovery, resiliency, and preparedness.

The Raymond James Canada Foundation is proud to facilitate the extraordinary generosity of our colleagues. It is a defining feature of Raymond James that we consistently reach out to those in need, both at home and across the globe.

Thank you to all our Raymond James Ltd advisors and associates who supported the 2021 BC Fires Appeal. We are stronger together, and your compassion for others shows that #RJCares.

A Message from the Canadian Red Cross

“The wildfires that have torn through British Columbia are a stark reminder of how vulnerable we are.

Thousands have been forced to evacuate and abandon their homes. Hundreds of square kilometres of land have been charred, leaving behind heavy, smoke-filled air. And dozens of communities have been put on evacuation alert. The call for help was loud and clear.

And it was answered by you, and other generous supporters like you.

Thanks to your efforts in rallying support and raising donations for the British Columbia Fires Appeal, we have been able to provide comfort and care to impacted individuals and families. By supporting the Red Cross, you are helping to provide immediate relief. This includes family reunification and financial assistance for food, clothing and personal needs, and providing cots and blankets.

These latest wildfires come on the heels of a punishing heat wave that saw record-breaking temperatures. Experts say the unseasonably warm weather combined with lightning strikes and tinder-dry conditions could potentially make the situation much worse as the summer progresses.

The circumstances are ever-changing and with that bring new hurdles—hurdles we will overcome together.

Your contributions and awareness will also provide long-term support. The next few weeks, months and years will not be easy. They will be filled with challenges yet to come as families forge forward, working to rebuild what was destroyed in the wildfires’ path. Recovery will take time, but your help—now more than ever—is appreciated. With the pandemic still ongoing, the selfless contributions and efforts of people like you are invaluable.

Your support means we can continue to provide care and compassion when disaster strikes. And so, I say from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of those you are helping: thank you.

Thank you for sharing your strength when others need it. Thank you for choosing to stand up and support our relief efforts. Thank you for rallying your own community to give back.”


The Federal Government match applies to all donations made between July 3 – August 10, 2021, regardless of ‘donor type’. This includes gift made by Corporations, Small Businesses, and other ‘Organization’ types.

The Provincial Government match applies to donations made by Individuals or groups of Individuals (i.e., Employee Workplace Campaigns, Customer Point-of-Sale, Community Groups, etc.) between July 3 and December 31, 2021, up to $20 million. (not donations made by corporations or organizations)