2018 Raymond James Montreal Charity Softball Game

August 20, 2018

On August 18, 2018, Montreal hosted their 6th annual Raymond James Charity Softball Game benefiting the Montreal Chest Institute. This year’s charity ball game was held at Parc Pierre Elliot Trudeau and came down to the very end! “The MCI Lobes played a great game and beat the RJ Bulls by a score of 15-13.” says Mitchell Rosenberg, Investment Advisor, Montreal IAS.  “That said, the Bulls were down by 9 runs at 15-6 and came back in the last inning to a respectable loss!”

Left to right: Jessica Silva, Taylor  Mactavish, Kyle-Prillo-Guaiani, Carlo Gagliardi, Mitch Rosenberg, Dominique Vincent, Dan Arron, Lewis Rosen, Adam Issa, Martin Leclerc, Eric Rappaport, Ferron Campbell, Thomas Wujtow, Carmine Arlia

Over the past five years, the tournament has raised $130,000 for the Montreal Chest Institute (MCI) of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). Funds from the annual Raymond James Charity Softball Game have purchased cutting-edge equipment, launched vital new clinics and funded ground-breaking research which are helping MCI patients live longer, better lives.”We can’t thank Raymond James enough for investing in the health and wellbeing of Quebecers. Their gift ensures the MCI maintains its status as a leader in respiratory care,” says Dr. Kevin Schwartzman, Director of the Respiratory Division at the MCI of the MUHC. “Health care is constantly advancing. It is essential the MCI keep pace so Quebecers with acute respiratory ailments continue to receive the best care available. We consider donors like Raymond James our partners in care. Because, quite frankly, without their financial support and the support of other donors and corporations, our ability to purchase state-of-the-art equipment and fund new programs and research would be significantly curtailed.”

“We are very proud to be supporting the Montreal Chest Institute of the MUHC and to know the proceeds from our annual charity softball game have allowed the hospital to purchase leading-edge medical equipment.  It is gratifying to know our fundraising efforts are transforming patient care by ensuring the hospital has the innovative tools and programs needed to quickly and accurately diagnose and treat patients with acute respiratory diseases,” says Mitchell Rosenberg, a financial advisor at Raymond James.

Mr. Rosenberg is the founder and driving force behind the annual Raymond James Charity Softball Game. He knows firsthand what it is like to live with a respiratory disease as he has severe asthma. He is proud to be ‘playing it forward’ in appreciation of the incredible care he received at the MCI.

“Before I was referred to the MCI, my asthma was out of control. During an asthma attack, it felt like a piano was sitting on my chest. Thanks to Dr. Ronald Olivenstein and the friendly, knowledgeable team at the MCI, my asthma was finally brought under control,” says Mr. Rosenberg, who is also Vice Chairman of the MCI Foundation’s Board of Directors. “As someone who has benefitted from the incredible care at the MCI, it is deeply gratifying to know the Raymond James Charity Softball Game is helping patients just like me breathe easier.”

From left to right: Carol-Ann Kairns, Director, MCIF; Caroline Phaneuf, Director, MCIF; Bryan Fitzpatrick, Chairman, MCIF; Martin Leclerc, Raymond James; Thomas Wujtow, Raymond James; Dr. Dennis Jense, RI; Richard Rousseau, Raymond James; Dr. Kevin Schwartzman, Director of the Respiratory Division, MCI/MUHC; Dr. Jean Bourbeau, MCI/RI; Mitch Rosenberg, Director, MCIF & Raymond James; Dr. Anne Gonzalez, MCI; Dr. Ron Olivenstein, MCI.