Turn your passion for helping others into a legacy of giving to share with the next generation. With a Charitable Giving Fund, you can create a comprehensive giving plan that aligns with your values and your schedule.


Raymond James Canada Foundation can provide you
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The Raymond James Canada Foundation provides you with the freedom to recommend grants to your favourite charities, and receive recognition for your gifts. We can distribute grants in the name of the Charitable Giving Fund, or you can choose to remain anonymous. By making a giving plan in advance, you avoid the pressure of having to make snap year-end decisions. This way, income tax deadlines will not drive your charitable giving – you will.

Who Can I Give To?

Who Can I Give To?

Eligibile Charities
As the donor, you have the freedom to recommend grants to registered charities that align with your philanthropic vision. You can give to the same charities each year, or select new ones at any time as your giving plan evolves.

As an incorporated and registered Canadian charity, the Foundation is subject to the Income Tax Act. The Act requires that grants from a Charitable Giving Fund be made only to “Qualified Donees” as defined by CRA. This includes registered charities, Registered Canadian Amateur Athletics Associations (RCAAA), municipalities, universities*, and select charitable organizations outside of Canada**. In order to meet the charitable objectives of our donors, it is the policy of the Foundation’s Board to support the widest range of organizations possible within CRA regulations.

* If outside Canada, the university must admit students from Canada.
** Where the federal government has made a gift in the current calendar year or the previous calendar year.
The RJCF board ultimately is responsible for all grant decisions; therefore, grant recommendations and allocations to specific eligible organizations are subject to review and approval by the Board.

When Can I Give?

When Can I Give?

With the help of your Raymond James Financial/Investment Advisor, you can create an annual or semiannual granting plan to maximize the impact of your gift.

Annual Grant Amounts
The Raymond James Canada Foundation will work with you and your Advisor to determine a giving plan that works for you, based on your philanthropic goals and the Charitable Giving Fund portfolio. The value of annual disbursements is largely determined by the donor, and the amount distributed may fluctuate year to year. Currently, the Foundation recommends annual disbursements from a Charitable Giving Fund to be within the range of 3.5% to 8% of total assets.

The Foundation as a whole has a minimum rate of disbursement as set by the Income Tax Act. Currently the Foundation must meet a minimum disbursement obligation equal to 3.5% of the average value of its total assets annually (excluding assets used for administration or charitable activities).The Foundation will determine how much it must disburse from its total assets each year to satisfy these requirements, which in turn apply proportionally to each CGF. If a donor fails to make grant recommendations in any given calendar year, the Foundation reserves the right to disburse sufficient funds to meet its disbursement quota obligations. In such cases, we will ensure that such disbursements are consistent with past grant-making recommendations of the donor.

Granting Schedule
Donors can recommend grants to Qualified Donees on a one-time or recurring basis. The Foundation will distribute grants on behalf of the donor on a mutually agreed upon schedule. Best efforts are made to synchronize granting with regular portfolio reviews either quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

How Will I be Recognized?

How Will I be Recognized?

Personalize Your Giving

Your philanthropic vision is deeply personal, so the name of the Charitable Giving Fund should reflect that. Donors can choose to name the Fund to align with their giving plan: it can be generic and discreet, include your family name, or directly indicate your charitable interests. Examples: The Caring Fund, the Davis Family Fund, or the Robert Jones Fund for the Arts

Grant Recognition and Confidentiality

With a Charitable Giving Fund, you get to decide how your grant is presented. You can choose to make gifts in the name of the Charitable Giving Fund and receive recognition, or you can choose to remain completely anonymous. We can also issue grants in memory of honour of your loved ones. The choice is yours.
You can also choose to have the grant directed to a specific program within the recipient charity, and provide special instructions for delivery.

Building a Legacy

Building Your Legacy

You can’t live forever, but your passion for helping others can. The Charitable Giving Program enables you to create a legacy of giving in your family name so that you may see the benefits in your lifetime and designate a successor advisor – your children, grandchildren, or other important people in your life – to take over upon your death. The successor advisor on the Charitable Giving Fund recommends grants after your death. Alternatively, you may name specific charities to receive grants beyond your lifetime.

The Raymond James Canada Foundation is experienced in developing gifting plans for you and your family. We are able to provide recommendations for short-term and long-term need across the country. Our national community of charitable causes is interested in hearing from you. We are happy to make introductions based on the focus you identify.

“From coast to coast, Raymond James employees and associates come together to help feed, clothe and care for those in need. We are very proud of these community commitments, in May and throughout the year.”

Janine Davies, Vice President Corporate Communications & Marketing. Raymond James Ltd.