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The Raymond James Canada Foundation facilitates three workplace giving programs to support the ongoing charitable efforts of our Raymond James Ltd colleagues. We also manage disaster relief campaigns when tragedy strikes, whether at home or across the world. We applaud the social responsibility of our associates and their commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Annual Giving Campaign

Annual Giving Campaign

    We are thrilled to announce that through our 2020 Annual Giving Campaign, we will distribute an incredible $1.35 million! Thanks to 550 RJL associates across the country, we supported 550 Canadian charities! We are honoured to facilitate the incredible generosity of our colleagues year after year. Since launching the Annual Giving Campaign in 2013, we have distributed over $7.5 million to charities across Canada.

    The Annual Giving Campaign is Raymond James Ltd.’s corporate matching program. Each year, our advisors and associates are able to double the impact of their charitable giving with a dollar-for-dollar match (up to a maximum). The donations and the match are then directed to the employees’ charities of choice. The Raymond James Canada Foundation is proud to support the organizations and causes that matter most to our employees.

    *Limits subject to change.

    RJ Cares Volunteering

    RJ Cares Volunteering

      We are thrilled to announce the results of RJ Cares month 2021! Despite being physically apart, we found creative ways to make a difference together. Our first annual RJ 5K 4 Kids raised $295,000 in support of Drug Free Kids Canada! Through socially distanced activities, donation drives, and individual acts of kindness, our Raymond James Ltd. colleagues demonstrated that #RJCares. Check out the details in our 2021 RJ Cares E-book.

      At Raymond James, we share a desire to give back to the communities in which we live and work. We believe that being active in our communities helps us grow a successful business and build strong personal relationships. In 2013, we created RJ Cares Month, a month long initiative designed to celebrate and strengthen our passion for volunteering and teamwork. Each May, our colleagues across the country focus their energy on team volunteer activities, donation drives, and charitable engagement initiatives at a local level.

      Across the firm, RJ Cares Month supports a wide variety of incredible causes: from food banks and cancer research, to animals and the environment, to vulnerable children and families. In addition to serving others, RJ Cares offers employees the chance to engage with coworkers outside the office, meet new people, and create strong personal bonds.

      RJ Cares Grants

      RJ Cares Grants

        At the Raymond James Canada Foundation, we understand the positive impact of volunteering and community involvement at both a team and personal level. Through our RJ Cares Granting Program, we recognize and support our colleagues’ ongoing charitable efforts. Throughout the year, we accept grant applications from Raymond James advisors and associates who are meaningfully involved with a charity.

        Our Advisory Committee facilitates grants of up to $5,000 to successful applicants’ registered Canadian charities of choice. Our goal is to encourage deep community involvement, whether it is packing boxes at the local food bank, volunteering at a charity event, or providing meaningful advice on a board. We are committed to funding a wide range of worthy projects in all of our regions across the country. Applications fall under one of our four primary pillars: healthcare, children & disadvantaged youth, arts, and disaster relief.

        The RJCF Advisory Committee is made up of volunteers from across all business lines and geographic locations of Raymond James Ltd. Their dedication, insight, and hard work have allowed us to support hundreds of charitable activities in communities across Canada. Appointed by the Foundation’s Board of Directors, this committed group of volunteers meets monthly to review the grant applications submitted by Raymond James colleagues. Committee members also serve as ambassadors of the Foundation, connecting their local coworkers and organizations with the Foundation’s programs and resources.

        Disaster Relief

        Disaster Relief

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        The people of Raymond James Ltd. have a long history of reaching out to those affected by tragedy. When crisis hits in our own backyard or beyond our borders, Raymond James associates are motivated to help. Sudden natural disasters like forest fires, floods, and earthquakes create an urgent need for aid and relief. In face of unexpected need, the Raymond James Canada Foundation responds quickly and in full force to help those affected. By launching internal appeals and matching employee donations dollar-for-dollar, we provide the maximum support possible. We also work with provincial and federal matching programs to double, triple, or quadruple each dollar our associates contribute to the cause.

        Community in Action

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        “The Annual Giving Campaign is a key way that our colleagues demonstrate the leadership and generosity that Raymond James is known for. I am very proud of each of you for making a difference in the lives of so many individuals and families in need. Thank you for your caring spirit.”

        Paul Allison, Chairman, Raymond James Ltd.